RV Awning Replacement Fabric – Buyer’s Guide and Review

rv awning fabric

RV Awning Replacement Fabrics are serving a few purposes, and to add them to your RV, it opens up your recreational opportunities. For example, door and window awnings lend you shade on a hot day and protect you from the rain when the thunderstorms come.

RV Awnings Buyer’s Guide

You have plenty of different types of awnings available, but the one you buy also has to fit your RV and the needs of the person who plans to drive it. For those who plan to live in the RV year-round, it can be useful to buy one that will last. If you keep your RV in a stationary park, you don’t really need the folding awning, and you can get by without it. If, however, you plan to travel often within your RV, then you will want your RV to include a collapsible awning. You can find all the different types of awnings on Amazon or eBay or an RV supply shop.

Common Issues

Regardless of what you shop for, there have been common issues you may need to resolve if they pop up. For example, you should check to make sure you bought the proper awning in terms of measures. Plenty of people in the reviews complained they had bought an awning that didn’t fit their measurements, but this largely happened because they did not buy the right awning.

Park or Travel?

If you only plan to park your RV on a concrete slab, then you will have a specific awning for that. If, however, you plan to travel from one destination to the next, then you will want a different awning for that. Take into account, most of the awning you can buy will be meant for a stationary RV. These will typically offer greater stability, and they will be made from fiberglass or a hard plastic over a cloth-like material. In some cases, they are removable. Not to say that roll-up foldable awning can’t be used for a stationary RV, but the average person of like this will prefer the more durable awning to the stationary because in climates where snow could build upon the awning. For the stationary awnings, plastic or fiberglass will usually be preferred.

The Awnings for Frequent Travel

Most RVs have the intended use of frequent travel from place to place. The key reason you don’t want a fiberglass or hard plastic awning is because it can be cumbersome and hard to move around. Even if it is removable, you don’t generally want this form of awning for travel. If it’s hard to move, it will hard on the person who wants to travel from place to place. Also, be careful with fold-down awning because if they tear free from the RV because of the wind, it can cause damage or cause an accident with other cars.

Awnings have become one of the most useful RV accessories that money can buy. If the fabric looks tattered or torn, it might be time to consider upgrading to a new awning. You may also want to buy a new awning if your old one has mold or mildew on it. You may also consider LED attachments for your awning so that you enjoy RVing no matter what time of the day it is. Much of the technology today lets you control it via remote. Before you decide on an awning, you have to look at budget, purpose, and measurements to make a decision that leaves you satisfied over the long term.

How To Replace an RV Awning

Step 1: Before replacing your RV’s awning, you should already have a good replacement prepared for installation. While looks are always important, aesthetic value comes second to size. You need to know your awning’s exact measurements in order to find a replacement that’s the same size. If it’s off by even an inch, then it won’t work for your RV.

Step 2: Awning replacements can’t be easily done by a single person, so you should have one or two assistants ready to go.

Step 3: Start by rolling your awning down by a length of one foot. Once that’s done, lock it into place by inserting cotter pins through the holes of the end caps. Next, rotate the inner shaft until the holes are properly lined up. Bend the ends of the cotter pins, and the awning will be firmly locked and ready to come down.

Step 4: Using a pair of needle-nose locking pliers, you should reach through the awning’s arm and clamp down on the attachment plate. Your assistant will need to do the same on the other side of the plate. This will make it a lot easier to remove the awning’s arm later on.

Step 5: Your next job will be to take a wrench and disconnect the lag bolts that hold the rafters to your RV. To remove the screws that hold the fabric to the awning’s rail, all you’ll need is a screwdriver. If, however, there are other rivets holding the fabric, then you’ll have to drill them out.

Step 6: You and your assistant will need to lift the awning out of its place and walk the tube, the fabric and the arms away from your RV. Be sure to unwind the fabric as you do so.

Step 7: Remove the cotter pins from the end holes and unwind the springs on each end. These are tension-loaded springs, so be careful when you unwind them. Make a note of how many times you turn the spring to relieve the tension. When you install the new awning, you’ll need the exact same number of turns to get the tension you need.

Step 8: Mark your cam handle’s position before you remove the torsion assembly. During reassembly, you’ll need to have the handle in the exact same position.

Step 9: Lift the tube out of place and unroll the awning fabric to finish the removal.

Step 10: It’s now time to put the new awning on. Thread the new fabric onto the tube carefully to avoid any rips or tears. Once the fabric’s centered, tuck the cords into the tubing’s ends.

Step 11: You’ll need to reconnect the torsion assembly to where it was when you removed it earlier. Rivet it back into place using your wrench.

Step 12: Your next step is to return the tension to each end of the assembly. Using the locking pliers to hold the spring, make sure to turn it the exact number of turns that it took to remove the tension during disassembly. Once the tension is restored, your assistant can return the cotter pin back into place. You’ll need to repeat this process on the other end. Once that’s done, use your screwdriver to screw the arm back into place.

Step 13: Now, you’ll just need to reconnect everything as you had it before. This is where your second assistant is needed since it’ll be easier for two people to hold the rail while the third feeds the awning cord into it. Reassemble the lag bolts, remove the locking pliers from the assembly plate, and test your work to ensure ease of movement. With that, the job is finished.


Best RV awning fabric

If you select an RV slide-topper awning, it protects your roof from debris. In addition, an RV patio awning extends how much living area space you have, and a good awning will provide you with a few years of trouble-free operation and little maintenance in the process. It is important to pick a trailer awning that will serve you for many years. This article will help you with that.

I did all the research for you and came up with the top camper awnings replacement fabric out there.

As a bonus, you can read about best camper retractable awning and awnings buyer’s guide.

So, here is my top 4 of RV awning replacement fabric:

Carefree 701509 Blackvinyl coated polyesterfrom 10' to 19'from 7' to 9' Check Price
Carefree 82158802polyester15'6' Check Price
SunWave Ocean Blue FadeVinylfrom 18'no Check Price
Carefree 8014Lf00 14' Burg/FadeVinyl14'no Check Price

Carefree 701509 Black 15′ x 9′ Drop – Best RV Awning Fabric

Carefree 701509 review


For one person, the top-most part of this product will be hard to install without another person. After you have the top part in place, however, the zipper has been named well, and it zips up with ease. This is an excellent product, and after looking at other reviews of 12V power awnings, this one does a pretty good job. Even when you have zero shade and face directly towards the sun, the Carefree lends you some shade and solves that problem with relative ease. In addition, this product’s 8′ drop does more than enough to let the shade hit the ground and allow for a simple tie down.


One suggestion has been made to buy higher quality tie-downs because the current ones only come as plastic stakes, and that means hammering them into place will not be easy. Second, it means they don’t stay in the ground very easily.

As a healthy alternative to the plastic stakes, you can buy the Camco stakes. They do not require a hammer and hold even after you have them in the ground. Whenever the wind starts up, you may want the Camco awning stabilizer as a second option to keep the awning in place. One of the common complaints among all these products shows you have to measure before you buy. In one case, a customer wished they bought the shorter 7′ version instead. Meanwhile, the 9′ model opens with a 3′ portion to roll the awning up and make it look bigger than it should be.


When you buy this camper trailer awning, you have a heavy-duty zipper that does its job well. Looking at this product, you have something that fits with the majority of awning brands. Second, it slides into your awning without a problem, and the top section will stay in your awning. All you have to do is wait and unzip the bottom part of your awning. This makes it easier, and the open-weave fabric will cut around 85 percent of the ultraviolet rays from reaching you and help you to stay cool on those blazing hot days.

If anything goes wrong with this product for any reason, keep in mind you have a one-year warranty. The polyester fabric should provide you with years of usage before you have to buy a new one, however.
  • Includes a one-year warranty
  • Zips up easily
  • Keeps you shaded on the hot summer days
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Fits most brands of awnings
  • Needs better tie-downs
  • Measure your awning before you buy this product

Carefree 82158802 Black 6′ x 15′ – Best Carefree RV Awning

Carefree 82158802 Review


The Carefree 82158802 Black 6′ x 15′ Sunblocker comes well packaged, and you have all the hardware included that you will need to install it on your RV. The instructions inside could be better written, but overall, they get the job done right. This product looks great, and it serves as an excellent upgrade or replacement for your old awning. In general, it’s simple to install, and when you forget to retract your current awning or forget it while camping, this one serves as an affordable awning to get you through the season. The material is pretty thick, so it should last a long time even against the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Important notes

The big thing you understand with any awning is how you will often get what you pay for.

This camper retractable awning costs little, but it only covers 6′ x 15.’ Meanwhile, you have other products that cover 18,’ which gives you a great deal of more space.

Buying this product, you will also learn how the instruction can confuse you at times, but even still, this becomes an easy and straightforward install once you have figured out how you should install it. Another thing to keep in mind is how this product could take several people for you to get it installed properly. Before you buy it, you should also take measurements of your awning to make sure you buy the right size. One person commented on how they loved the product, but it was too big for their awning. If it’s only a foot-and-a-half too long, you should be okay, but for anything longer than that, you may want to buy something else.


This product makes it so that you don’t have to tolerate the heat of a late afternoon soon or an early morning sun.

The SunBlock consists of open-weave fabric, and it cuts through about 85 percent of lighting to ensure you stay cool and comfortable when out in the sun. At the same time, this retractable awning will not inhibit your view, and the fabric construction uses 100 percent polyester and a durable vinyl coating.

You can slip this into the open slot of your awning roller tubes. Especially when you travel full time, this awning lets you have the extra shade where needed.

  • Cost-effective choice
  • Thick Material
  • Good plastic stakes to tie down your awning
  • Excellent choice for hot sunny climates
  • Keeps the RV cool so you don’t have to lock it down and use the AC
  • Requires three people to help with the installation in some cases
  • The instruction guide looks confusing at times

SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade – Best Patio Awning Replacement fabric

SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade Review


An awning of fairly good quality, you can do a lot of the installation yourself if you watch a couple of Youtube videos on it. You may, however, want a second individual for the attachment of the fabric over to your trailer. Even if you have to replace the awning eventually, it goes exceptionally well, and you can replace it within the hour with two people.

This awning looks beautiful, and the color gives rise to feelings of peace. After a period of time, many reviewers commented on how the product holds up well even after you have installed it, capitalizing on your investment.

Another thing you notice about this awning is the overall feel of it is an awning of top-notch quality. Many people were happy with the SunWave because the awning does its job, feels sturdy once you have it installed and looks great at the same time.

Important notes

The one thing you have to stay alert to with the SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade relates to how the instructions fail to truly give you something easy to install. For example, the instructions make this product a little harder to install.

In fact, if you’re not careful, you can accidentally poke holes in your awning while installing it, which is why you have to be so careful with the installation.

One possible remedy to the poor installation instructions involves simply watching some Youtube videos of it online. This makes installing your retractable awning more agreeable. The fabric doesn’t weigh much, which sounds like a positive. However, you soon learn how easy it can be to poke holes through a lightweight material, and you have to exercise a lot of caution as you install it. Another obnoxious area is how the second groove doesn’t have a pre-sown seam in it to make it easier.


The fabric measures a nice 17’2-3,” and it fits perfectly with an 18′ awning. If you’re looking for an awning to make use of with this product, you may want to choose from these manual awning brands:


When you buy the SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade, you have a product for the rail and a standard 8′ projection. The new pull strap comes included in this product, and you have a poly cord made of the roller tube. The fabric is vinyl with a vinyl weather shield so that you enjoy the maximum level of protection in your awning. You should, however, the order based on the need of your awning size, so this might not be the product for you if it doesn’t fit in your awning. When you buy this product, it features a limited three-year warranty.

The company also offers a 14-day return policy where if you didn’t like it, you can return it and get your money back.

For the right person, we definitely recommend it because the company does much right with it, and in particular, it looks beautiful.

  • Looks fantastic and if blue is your favorite color, this is the awning to buy
  • Fairly easy to install with the Youtube videos
  • Straightforward and simple replacement
  • Feels sturdy after installed
  • Confusing instructions
  • Can accidentally poke holes in the fabric if you’re not careful
  • Installation doesn’t always go smoothly

Carefree 8014Lf00 14′ Burg/Fade Fabric – Best Outdoor Awning Fabric

Carefree 8014Lf00 Review


In terms of weight, this Carefree awning will be your better choice because it only weighs 30 pounds. However, with the lightweight comes the fragility, and you have to be careful not to poke holes in this awning during and after the installation. It will not hold up long if you are not careful with it. In terms of fabric, it looks almost as stunning as the SunWave, but you have a product that changes up the blue with another color.


When it comes to the heavier 149-pound shipping weight, you will most likely require two or more people to haul this one up and install it. Released January 1st, 2012, not a lot has been said about this product because, to be honest, it’s not a noteworthy camper canopy.

With this product, you get just the basics. You don’t really get much else, and if you want a solid product, we recommend one of the others.


Looking at the price, it looks about average and what you will pay for most of the other awnings. However, this product does have some excellent features that come with it that includes a higher tech material guard 303 higher tech fabric guard that is not harmful to the ozone layer, and the fluoropolymer protectant can be used on a variety of fabrics.

After a time, the sunlight can start to fade the best of materials, but this product comes with UV resistant materials that protect your product from the sunlight.

This product never garnered much attention, and to be honest, it’s an average product with a price that doesn’t warrant getting excited about.

  • The lightweight means you can move it easily
  • International shipping available
  • Comes with manufacturer’s warranty
  • Can fit with a variety of brands of awnings
  • Consists of UV-resistant materials
  • Weighs over 149 pounds
  • Not really noteworthy or popular compared to the other products on this list

Bonus! Best Retractable Awning for Your RV – Carefree OVJVAPHW Travel’r Black

Carefree OVJVAPHW Review


This item comes packaged with all the hardware you will need for an installation. Inside, you have valuable documentation on the installation, which sets this automatic awning ahead of some of the other options. The product looks and operates with a solid A+! In addition, the quality build has satisfied many customers, and you could not ask for a better material used in your retractable awning.

You don’t even necessarily have to understand technology because the usage is fairly straightforward. When it comes to the installation of the product, you can actually do that part yourself.

Even if you did find the instructions difficult, you can turn on some Youtube videos, which give you a hands-on approach where you can see what works and how the product operates.

With this product, you receive almost exactly what has been advertised. This product works beautifully once you have it installed.


Just so that you’re aware of it, when you buy this motorized retractable awning, you’re only buying the arms. You will have to buy the awning and the roller as a separate item.

Unfortunately, the picture itself looks a little misleading and confusing considering several places have this product labeled as an awning, but when you buy it, you learn you’re only buying the arms. Considering the high-end price tag, if you’re not prepared for what you’re buying, it could lead to a pretty dreary day. If, however, you’re aware of this in advance, you can feel a lot better about it. For someone who has had to use the manual units, they will love how this product lets them use their awning with ease.

Now, it can be nice to have an electric awning that does the retracting for you. However, it fails to highlight one key area. For example, when the wind blows, you can, of course, retract it, but you can’t secure it like you might with deflappers. Even when you use an awning tie down that has been secured to the ground, it scarcely helps to make it much better.


The cool thing about this product is how it automatically comes without storage or travel locks because it automatically locks on its own when traveling.

With the easy push button and Truss, support design hands you the maximum level of head clearance, and it never sacrifices strength for that achievement. Also, this electric rv awning fits with most of the competitor’s awnings, and you can keep your original awning roller-tube and fabric.

You can also remove your manual arms and springs to replace it with the Travel’R 12V Electric Arms. You can remove your manual arms and the springs and replace it with electric retractable arms. With this product, it includes both the front arm and the rear arm, and this assembles with the wall switch. Meanwhile, the motor sits right out front near the right-hand arm.

  • Great technology that eliminates the need for manual retraction
  • Automatically locks without a travel lock
  • Fits well with almost all of your competitor’s awnings
  • Quality instructions makes this product much easier to install
  • Never sacrifices strength for head clearance
  • Only comes with the arm, and you have to buy the awning and roller separately
  • The high cost makes this accessible only to a select few

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